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Conditions d'utilisation

Our sales are subject to the following general terms of sale, which shall prevail over any other terms.

Article 1 - Website
The Camylle website site has been designed for Laboratoires Camylle, who is the sole owner thereof and owns all of the rights in and to such website. Any use, copying or downloading of the website or its contents, either in whole or in part, is prohibited, except with the express prior consent of Laboratoires Camylle.
Article 2 - Orders
By filling out the order form found on the website and confirming the order by clicking on the dedicated icon, the buyer fully accepts these general terms of sale, which shall be the only terms applicable to the agreement thus entered into. No change made to the order by the buyer shall be taken into account unless it is received by Laboratoires Camylle before the goods are shipped.

Article 3 - Changes in goods
The seller reserves the right to make any changes he may deem fit to his goods at any time, provided that such changes do not result in any deep alterations of the nature and appearance of the goods.

Article 4 - Delivery times
Deliveries shall be made according to the availability of the goods and in the order of arrival of orders. The seller has the right to make either full or partial deliveries. The delivery periods are normally of the order of 48 hours but can be extended according to the workload and the delays of routing of the salesman. Late deliveries may not give rise to any damages, deductions or cancellations of orders. However, if for any reason other than an event due to circumstances beyond one’s control, the goods have not been delivered within 20 days of a notice which has remained ineffective, the sale may be cancelled upon request of either party: the buyer may obtain the reimbursement of his/her down payment or payment, but no other indemnity or damages. The following shall be considered events due to circumstances beyond one’s control, releasing the seller from his obligation to deliver: war, riot, fire, strike, lockout, accidents, inability to obtain supply, interruption of transportation, damage in transit, quotas, prohibition of imports or exports and failures or breakdowns of machinery. In any event, delivery within the stated times may not take place unless the buyer has performed his obligations toward the seller to date.

Article 5 - Delivery / risk
The delivery of the goods to the buyer shall be performed through a carrier. The transfer of the risk shall take place as soon as the goods are delivered to the carrier, no retention of title or other provisions notwithstanding. The goods shall be delivered ex works to the place agreed. They shall travel at the risk of the buyer, who shall, in the event of any damage or missing item, record any necessary remarks on the dispatch note in the presence of the person making the delivery, and shall subsequently confirm his reservations by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, sent to the carrier within three days following the receipt of the goods. Any claim concerning damaged or missing items not recorded on the dispatch slip at the time of delivery shall be rejected.

Article 6 - Claims
Without prejudice to any arrangements to be made with the carrier, any claims concerning visible faults of the goods or the failure of the goods delivered to comply with the goods ordered or with the dispatch note must be formulated in writing within 8 days maximum of the delivery date of the goods. It is the buyer’s responsibility to prove the actual defects or faults noted. The buyer shall enable the seller to ascertaining such defects and to correct them. He may not intervene himself or cause the intervention of any third party for such purpose.

Article 7 - Returned goods
All goods returned as a result of hidden defects must be the subject of a formal agreement between the seller and the buyer. Any goods returned without such agreement shall be refused. The buyer must bring proof of the existence of the defect. Returned goods shall be accepted only within eight days of the delivery date. In the event of a visible fault or of non-compliance of the goods delivered, duly ascertained by the seller in accordance with the terms provided in Article 5, the buyer may obtain the replacement of the goods, to the exclusion of any indemnity or damages.

Article 8 - Guarantee
The goods are guaranteed against any faulty materials or workmanship for a period of eight days from the delivery date. Under this guarantee, the sole obligation falling upon the seller shall be the replacement free of charge of the item acknowledged as defective by his staff.

Article 9 - Guarantee / Exclusion
Any defects and deterioration due to accidents not imputable to the seller (negligence, poor maintenance, improper usage, etc.) shall be excluded from the guarantee. Likewise, the guarantee shall not apply in the case of visible faults, which must be dealt with by the buyer in accordance with the terms provided in Article 5.

Article 10 - Prices
Prices are to be considered inclusive of tax and packaging for countries within the EEC. For other countries, products are charged inclusive of all taxes, according to the rate of VAT of the country of the salesman.

Article 11 - Payment
An invoice shall be issued for each delivery, and delivered with it. Orders shall be payable in advance by credit card. The display of a key or padlock at the bottom left of your screen guarantees the confidentiality of any information sent. Your code shall not be recorded until you give the final confirmation of your order.

Article 12 - Reserved rights (Act 94-475)
The seller shall retain the rights on the goods delivered by him until the buyer has paid the amount invoiced in full. Under the terms of this clause, the issue of a document creating an obligation to pay (whether a bill or other instrument) is not to be considered as a payment. Any clauses to the contrary notwithstanding, the present clause shall be enforceable against both the buyer and creditors, unless the parties have agreed in writing to cancel or amend it. The provisions stated hereinbefore shall not prevent the transfer to the buyer of any risk of loss or deterioration of the goods (in accordance with the terms provided in Article 5). Any insurance costs shall fall upon the buyer, too.

Article 13 - Limited warranty
Laboratoires Camylle may not be held responsible for any failure to comply with any legal or statutory provision in force in the country of delivery. Laboratoires Camylle is responsible solely for compliance with the French regulations regarding the goods. The liability of Laboratoires Camylle as far as any damages resulting from the delivery of the goods are concerned, shall in any event be limited to the smallest of the two following amounts: (a) the amount of the direct loss incurred in by the buyer or (b) the price of the goods delivered and invoiced.

Article 14 - Special terms
The seller shall be subject to any special terms stipulated in connection with an order for that order only.

Article 15 - Jurisdiction
Any dispute which may arise between the parties in connection with the fulfilment, performance or interpretation of a sale (in accordance with the terms provided in Article 2), even in the event of an action to enforce a warranty or in the event that there are several defendants, shall, failing amicable agreement, be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court responsible for the territory where Laboratoires Camylle is domiciled. Only the laws of France shall apply.

Article 16 – IT and freedom
This website has been reported to the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique e des Libertés), the French body responsible for IT and freedom. According to the French bill n.78-17 of 6 January 1978, regulating IT, file management and freedom, you have the right to contest, access and change the data concerning you.

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