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How to have a good sauna session?

Published : 2020-09-07 11:48:44
Categories : Aromatherapy , On the Sauna side

How to have a good sauna session?
Camylle reminds you of the 10 steps to make the sauna bath a moment of total pleasure!

1. Undress,

    Dispose of all clothing, underwear, jewellery or other accessories. For a sauna session, you have to be naked as a worm !

2. Take a soapy shower and dry yourself.

    For hygiene, but also for a better efficiency of the following steps, you must be clean and remove all greasy substances that cover the epidermis.

3. Take a seat in the sauna for a session of about fifteen minutes, use a clean bath sheet.

    The higher you go up, the hotter it gets. Find the place that suits you. An average temperature of 80° is ideal. For hygienic reasons, use a clean towel.
    To start, lie down so that your body can soak up the warm air.

4. After a few minutes, pour 3 ladles of water enriched with Camylle essential oils on the lava stones of the stove.

    This is an important moment that allows you to increase the hygrometry level, which reactivates the perspiration and purification process. The essential oils will quickly penetrate through the skin and mucous membranes into the tissues and your various organs to exert their beneficial effects. Take your seat and enjoy this moment of well-being for 10 minutes.

5. If you were lying down, sit down two minutes before leaving the sauna.

    Sit down to reactivate the circulation and avoid dizziness.

6. Leave the sauna and take a deep breath of fresh air, if possible get out into the open air and breathe in deeply.

7. Take a cold shower without soap so as not to clog the pores of the epidermis, or plunge into a basin of cold water.

    This is the basic principle of the sauna; ying and yang; hot and cold. Your body builds up its immune system. You can also immerse yourself in cold water or snow.

8. Rest for at least 15 minutes.

    Make yourself comfortable, rest for at least fifteen minutes. Let go of your positive thoughts...

9. Keep hydrated : It is important to drink plenty of fluids between sauna sessions... water or tea preferably..., avoid sugary drinks.

10. Repeat, or alternate with a hammam session. Three successive sessions are ideal.

    Repeat from point 3) for a new session. The sensation of purifying the body and mind will take precedence over any other thought.
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