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Disinfecting water generator 270ml

Fill with water - Add two pods of Salys salt - Choose one of the three available disinfectant concentrations according to use - Start the generator. After a few minutes obtain a powerful disinfectant that eliminates 99.99% of microorganisms without being dangerous for humans. After a few days the chemical reaction of the electrolysis fades and the solution becomes water and salt again. 100% biodegradable. Aquasalys, the best environmentally friendly disinfection solution.

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Make your ecological cleaning solution 100% biodegradable, without chemicals

With water, salt and electricity, a disinfectant and detergent solution is produced by an electrolysis process (very well known for example in swimming pool disinfection or water treatment).
The solution generated by the Aquasalys process destroys microorganisms very quickly and thoroughly. It is highly effective against bacteria, viruses, algae and spores, mould and fungi, and protects water, surfaces, fabrics, food and people.
It leaves a streak-free surface on glass, chrome and stainless steel and removes biofilm, e.g. on the inner surfaces of pipes (source of pathogens such as legionella), making it ideal for disinfecting spas, whirlpools and generally all wet environments.
All water-resistant surfaces are compatible for cleaning with the Aquasalys solution.
The Aquasalys solution also acts as a powerful air sanitizer and a very effective deodorizer by eliminating microorganisms present in the air. It is the ideal solution for purifying the air in the hammam, sauna or treatment room, without danger to individuals.

Principle of chemical-electrical activation

The chemical process, well known in many industrial sectors, is simple: the electrolysis of salt water will create molecules of hypochlorous acid that will release active chlorine, which is highly disinfectant, as well as a small quantity of sodium hydroxide with detergent power.
Due to its concentration, the product is safe for humans. However, for microorganisms, the disinfecting power of these active molecules is much more powerful than, for example, bleach, which contains the same molecules but with passive chlorine.
The electrical chemical activation allows this overpowering "activity" of the molecules. The electric charge electrifies the bacteria to freeze them, and the chlorine oxidizes the bacteria.

The most environmentally friendly biocide technology

Totally effective in eliminating all forms of microorganisms in the air, on different surfaces and fabrics, this technology requires only water, salt which are natural and durable raw materials. The biocidal solution obtained with a little energy is non-toxic and non-hazardous for all "macroorganisms".
The Aquasalys solution deactivates after a certain period of time to become simply water and salt again.

Environmental disinfection at lower cost

The Aquasalys technology allows you to produce your own disinfectant on site for just a few cents, easily, without using or transporting hazardous chemicals, making it a very effective solution with a very small environmental footprint.

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