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A revolutionary process of natural perfumes gelification Your olfactive signature The subject of the olfactive signature is on the agenda in numerous hotel groups, which become aware of the power of the olfactive element among their customers. A hotel or a group of hotel, must be necessarily associated with a very recognizable perfume! The professionals are convinced of it today! The olfactory ambiance is an essential component of any environment as smells leave a positive and lasting impact on our minds.

It contributes to creating an image, an atmosphere of well-being as well as a status symbol. Aware of the importance of these sensorial stimuli, Camylle Laboratories have selected top perfumers to create distinguished fragrances based on pure French tradition and made exclusively from 100% natural perfumes. To diffuse these fragrances, Camylle has developed a revolutionary process of perfumes gelification. This new concept of dry diffusion, on a basis of 100% natural perfumes, is a real opportunity for the professionals.

Low cost-easy yo use-free from noise,electricity,solvents and chemical products Presentation in a cartridge of 155 x 120 x 25mm. Cartridge from 50 à 100m². Based exclusively on 100% natural perfumes. A slow and stable diffusion for 4 to 8 weeks depending on the air flow, temperature and humidity levels.

Just place in air conditioning vent. Design also allows hanging in front of any existing airflow: Air conditioning, heating, ventilation. Suits perfectly in lobby, meeting rooms, suites, spas, casinos, swimming pools, corridors, etc ... Possibility of annual subscription with controlled budget. Available in 4 perfumes.